Using Shape Lock on Your Model Kit
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Using Shape Lock on Your Model Kit

IÂ’m currently working on my project which is turning a Zaku kit into a Ninja Turtle. Having these Shape Lock pellets in my stash really came in handy since this is a speed-build.

I’m currently working on my project which is turning a Zaku kit into a Ninja Turtle. Having these Shape Lock pellets in my stash really came in handy since this is a speed-build.

What is ShapeLock?

ShapeLock is an Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic.

What does "Ultra-High Molecular Weight Low Temperature Thermoplastic" mean in laymans English?

ShapeLock is a super strong plastic similar to Nylon or Polypropylene in toughness.

However, unlike the two former plastics it does not need high temperatures or high pressures to form into useful shapes.

ShapeLock is easily hand-formed into shape at just 150 degrees Fahrenheit.


I have shortened the thigh part of the evangelion kit to fit my Ninja Turtle Zaku project.

Here you see that the lower part is not even with the rest of the thigh.

I used this amazing product called shape lock as putty to even out the thighs.

These Shape Lock pellets melt just by dipping it in hot water, not boiling though.

In order to maintain constant temperature of the water, I am using this oil scent dispenser to keep the water warm.

I started with hot water already, and lit up a tea light candle.

You don’t want to put those pellets altogether as they tend to stick to each other. So I only use 2 pellets at a time. It is recommended by the manufacturer that you add a bit of oil in the water to avoid the pellets from sticking to the container, but I refused to do so since I will be painting this part and the pellets seem to be naturally oily.

Now once the pellets are hot enough, it turns clear and ready to use.

I pick them up using toothpick and apply it to the desired spot.

You can use your hand shaping it. It's no longer hot to the touch.

If you are not satisfied with the shape, just dip it in hot water again and it can be reshaped.

If you’re satisfied, just dip in tap water and it becomes all white in color.

And now the shape is locked!


Quick and easy to use, did all the steps under ten minutes


Unlimited number of re-use

Can be sanded

Can be painted

Safe to use with bare hands

Its strength once bonded is very much reliable. I have personally used this on a cymbal stand.


Large shrinkage factor


Any heat source will melt it easily like spot light or the sun

Sanding it hard will also show signs of melting.

Oily to the touch


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The photos were a great add to the article