Using Rit Dye to Darken Black Faded Cotton Clothing or Fabric in the Washer
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Using Rit Dye to Darken Black Faded Cotton Clothing or Fabric in the Washer

When your black cotton fabric fades what can you do to salvage it. Rit Dye is one of the easiest ways to salvage your favorite black items of clothing and save money on buying new items. If you are frugal this is just the tip for you and it also works on other colors as well. So don't throw that favorite piece of clothing away.

If you own a lot of black cotton clothing such as T-shirts, pants, slacks sweaters and anything else that is cotton you know that they have a habit of fading after quite a few washes. Most people just throw them out, but here is a solution that will help salvage your faded black clothing or items. This is so simple and also saves on buying new clothes simply because they are faded. This also works with a variety of other colors which you can see at the Rit Dye site.

There are two different ways you can dye your clothing, but by far the easiest is to dye them in your washer and clean up is easier as well. The trick to using your washer is to clean the washer out when you are finished, which is also easy. You can also do it in a sink, but the process and clean up are more involved. Laundry mats won’t allow you to use dye in their washers because people will go in and dye their clothing without doing the clean up steps and the next person who comes into wash their clothes ends up with a batch of ruined clothing. So if you don’t have access to a washer you will have to do the sink method.

On the hottest (hot/cold) (warm/cold) and longest (normal/extra wash cycle) setting that is safe for the fabric you are going to dye place the clothes in the washer, up to 2 lbs, and leaving the lid up fill the washer. Because the water will be hot use rubber gloves to pull the clothes out and ring the water out so that it’s not dripping and set aside. Once the washer is full of hot water shake the bottle of dye good and dump the dye in to the washer, 1 bottle of liquid Rit Dye for 2 lbs of cotton clothing, and 1 cup of salt. Drop the lid and allow the washer to agitate for about 30 seconds to mix everything good. Add the wet clothing back into the washer and wash like normal.

When the cycle is done set the washer to the warm/cold setting regular wash cycle and laundry soap and wash again. When it is finished it is ready to go into the dryer or to be hung out on a clothes line to dry. If you followed the right process you will see a very noticeable difference in the color of your clothes. If you forget the salt you will have to do the process over again. The salt is what makes the dye set, so don’t forget it.

Clean Up:

The clean up is super easy. Set the washer to the hottest setting and add laundry soap for a normal cycle and 1 cup of bleach and this will clean out the washer. You can run one cycle after this just to be on the safe side but it’s really not necessary. Clean up of spills is easy, or if you get some on your hands. Soap and water with a little bleach will take the die off of non-porous surfaces and for your hands wash with soap and water and while hands are still wet rub baking soda on your hands and rinse.

Rit dye is very inexpensive and the money it saves in new clothes is huge. A bottle averages around $2.78 for liquid.

*This article is only for dying in a washer and for cotton fabrics. For other fabrics a different process is necessary.

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Comments (7)

Sounds like a sensible, inexpensive solution.

Ranked #24 in Arts & Crafts

Graciela, It really is. Peace Jaz

A clever and easy way of dyeing. Thanks!

Ranked #24 in Arts & Crafts

Pearl, Thank you...=) Jaz

very good tips.

Ranked #24 in Arts & Crafts

Thank you Deepa...Peace Jaz

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