Tips for Reusing Your Holiday Decorations
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Tips for Reusing Your Holiday Decorations

Tips for Reusing Your Holiday Decorations

So the gifts are unwrapped, the cards have been opened and the tinsel and garland lay in tangled heaps in a pile on the couch. The holidays are over and you're left with this huge pile of holiday decor doomed to the garbage can. But before you head to the curb with Christmas, try these tips to reuse your holiday decorations.

  • Holiday Cards

Aren't holiday cards the prettiest? The lovely landscapes, snow covered mountains, sweet puppies in Santa hats and pretty poinsettias. There are so many things you can do with them. The begin, cut out your favorite part of the card, whether it be the front or the inside with that sentimental saying you love so much, or both. Discard the rest. So what exactly can you do with them? Well, for those sayings that you like, you can do a few things with them. You could save some cash for the next holiday season by cutting out details you like and creating your own handmade cards. Or an alternative option is to use them for scrapbooking. For the exceptionally gorgeous cards, frame them; maybe even give them away as gifts next holiday! However you choose to reuse your cards, it's better than them ending up in a landfill somewhere.

  • Wrapping Paper

See that huge pile of wrapping paper on the floor? Take a look through it all, find what is salvageable (what isn't, try to use to cushion glass items as you put them away for next year) and brainstorm with it. Look at it, what can be made with it? An inexpensive and easy DIY project would be to get a Styrofoam wreath (circle) and glue the wrapping paper around it. Design it however you want and presto! Instant recycled decorations! Or a fun project for children would be to take the blank side of the wrapping paper and tell the kids to go wild designing their own wrapping paper. They'll be proud of their decoration, and you'll be glad you could reuse the stuff!

  • Tinsel and Garland

Now what to do with these? One really cool way to repurpose these decorations is to take a pair of scissor to the garland. Cut it into smaller sections. Next time your kids ask you if you have any cool art supplies, pull them out! Think about it...sparkly green trees, shiny gold suns, they'll make beautiful are with all that twinkle and shine.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can come up with other ways to breathe new life into those holiday decorations.

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