Polymer Clay Craft Projects
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Polymer Clay Craft Projects

Polymer clay can be used to make all kinds of craft projected from jewelry to candle holders, pens, holiday ornaments and more!

Need something fun and creative to do that can incorporate the kids too? Polymer Clay can be used for a huge variety of craft projects that are fun but also functional. From jewelry to candle holders, sculptures, action figures and more, it's a safe and non-toxic substance that comes in a rainbow of colors and is cost effective especially in bulk.

Once a clay project has been created, just set it on a cookie sheet and bake it for the recommended time in the oven at the recommended temperature and that's it!

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Although shaping the clay by hand for posable figures works great, for most projects, you will need tools for cutting, forming holes and shaping which are listed below. Be sure that if you use any tools that could injure small children, there is adult supervision present.

Carving tools

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Impressions and Shapes

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Some of these tools can be handmade or modified for each persons personal taste. These tools are pretty standard for working with polymer clay and assist the crafter in precision and detail.

Craft Ideas

Personalized Custom Pens and Pencils

A really fun project especially with the kids are making personalized pens and pencils. Taking the color or patterned mixture of clay you want, take the cutter and cut a rectangular piece that is large enough to wrap around the base of the pen or pencil. You  can make the clay casing as thick or thin as you want by using pressure with the roller. It also helps to even out bumps or air bubbles from handling. Using the roller also smooths out the texture so that little finger prints aren't left behind.

With a pen, remove the inner ink well. I use just regular bic pens that come in packs of ten or so. Remove the ink and shape the clay around the plastic tubing that holds the ink. Get the shape you want and then very carefully slide the plastic tube out from the clay. The idea is to make the clay casing snug enough that when it bakes, it can still remain snug when you reinsert the tubing along with the ink after it cools from being removed from the oven.

Pencils are pretty much the same way except, you'll want to make the casing snug enough to hold the pencil easily, but you'll also need to make it in which the pencil can be removed for sharpening. I find the best of luck with pens but both can be used.

Image Source


The door is held wide open for jewelry ideas using polymer clay. From extravagant to simple and playful, polymer clay is a lot of fun and very unique.

Whether you're making discs, round beads or other shapes, you'll want to form holes so that they can be strung, which can be done by using the hand tool designed for poking holes that are consistent in shape. Different sized shapes can be stacked on top of each other to create dimension and other marbled textures can be made either using the tools that can be purchased or anything you find around the house that can create other unique textures and shapes.

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For rings, the clay can be formed into discs that can be glued or even made as a single piece although the thinner the shank of the ring, the more fragile it will be when it comes to handling.

Barret's and hair pieces are a lot of fun to make also for both children and adults.

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Image Source

Candle Holders

A pretty and decorative way to use polymer clay is through crafting and shaping clay candle holders. Whether large or small, it can add color and personality to any room.

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The best thing is to experiment and just see what your creativity can do. Other ideas that can be created with clay are ornaments for holidays, birthday party favors, keepsake ornaments, and even sculpted art that can be sold at craft markets and fairs.


Polymer is a great substance that you can use to make all sorts of textured impressions so anything that could be used to push into the clay to make an imprint is great. Also, small embellishing stones or crafters sand works great to roll the clay into so that the outer layers reveal more than just a clay texture. You can also use feathers, buttons, silk flowers and much more that can be pushed into the clay or especially glued on after it has finished cooling after baking.  

Some people prefer to to use geometric shapes or designs of flowers etc as the visual focus and with that, you'll want to explore online or even on YouTube different instructional videos or demonstrations that reveal easy ways to mold your clay accordingly so that once it is cut, it creates the desired pattern.  

The sky is the limit!

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Comments (4)

My grand kids will go bananas over this article because they are all, except for my oldest grand son, the artsy-craftsy types.

How fun! I used to have a jewelry business for 7 years and at one point, I used Polymer Clay to make beads. I wish I had been better at it. I've seen the most remarkable designs from other people who have used it for all sorts of thing. If I were to do it again, I would totally go for the candle holders. Thank you for the comment and vote!

Fantastic ideas for polymer clay! Thank you. I am feeling like I need to go home after work and dig out my box of polymer clay now. I really love the idea of personalizing the pencils.

Awesome! You're welcome. That'll be great to see how they turn out. Doing the pens and pencils was always a favorite of mine.