More Funny Things: Humorous Billboards, Roadsigns and Posters
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More Funny Things: Humorous Billboards, Roadsigns and Posters

Before demotivation posters posters, there were the REAL posters, billboards and signs that made us laugh. Funny signs not intended to be humorous but are, are all around us. A sense of humor abounds in the collection of signs and billboard notices that are shown here to tickle your funnybone. All we need now are engrish/chingrish messages on t-shirts. Show me the funny!

More Funny Things

Billboards, placards, products and posted notes that show we cannot help but be funny most of the time.

Read the Signs

tin building withlarge, funny siigns on it

Image Source

Either way, the intrepid trespasser can expect to be served his own ‘nads on toast. I do have to wonder though what this place is storing that requires bloodthirsty command dogs and radiation hazard on the premises. Ask not ‘who let the dogs out.’ But ask ‘do they bite?’ My guess would be YES!

Doggie Dump?

sign that says 'Please do no empty your dog here'

Image Source

Water pollution is a threat, and most communities require that you pick-up your dog’s fecal droppings. Dog waste (poo, poop, feces, etc.) that is unscooped gets swept into storm drains with the rain and ends up in the rivers and lakes where it contributes greatly to high levels of coliform bacteria. This bacterial pollution chokes and kills aquatic plant life, which further poisons the water. It becomes more stagnate and unclean. Fish die. The water is unfit for swimming and recreation. Clean up after your dog. No emptying of your dog allowed.

But still, -the wording of this warning sign is rather unwieldy. Go empty your dog somewhere else!

As Seen on TV - Angry Home Shopping Channel Maybe?

signin a fron yard, wife selling husband's boat urgent!

Image Source

I bet that there must have been marital discord in this household. I would clearly have to side with the wife on this one though. The boat is blocking the driveway and the yard. I am pretty sure she made someone an eye-waterin’ deal on it to get that boat and wagon out of there.

When I got married, I had my own stuff. And so did my wife. It was two households coming together and yet I have to paraphrase a favorite comedian from television and say of this that most of my stuff didn’t survive the merger! That’s okay though. Most of my stuff was crap anyway. Just ask my wife, she’d validate this! (Just kidding, honey!)

Right Hand Knows Not…

…what the other hand is doing.

funny sign in front of a church, asking 'what are you giving up for Lent?' and the message below it, tells of 'Sunday Services'

Image Source

I am positive that giving up Sunday Services for Lent was not what was intended here.

Oh Dude! I’ve Got the Munchies!

image of stoned crackers (stone-ground wheat)

Image Source

These go pretty well with herb brownies I am told. They look pretty good though. Damn, -I’m hungry!

This Could be ‘Engrish-worthy’ Engrish or Chinglish?

musical keyboard with a misspelled word, funny

(Image source: author)

My son had a musical keyboard that had what without a doubt would qualify for inclusion on I really should submit this image to them and their site. is a web site whose motto is “Engrish for Suddenly Laugh.” The site is not meant to embarrass, harass or persist any stereotype of any particular race, society or people. It highlights poorly-translated product descriptions and products and is for entertainment purposes only. You have to love those Japanese and Chinese for they give us so many humorously-translated products!

You should check out for that happiness feeling! They show funny english shirts there too!


CAPTCHA image with the letters WDFUC

Image Source

This is awesome funny! I wonder how often certain letter combinations come up that actually spell something, either real words, vulgar or maybe even leet? This might make for an interesting study. What is “leetspeak?”

Well for example, “4n¥0n3 (4r3 70 74|{3 4 7r¥ 47 £337$p34|{?” is “Anyone care to take a try at leetspeak?” Study the leet closely, you will start to see the words obfuscated in other ASCII-characters. It takes patience and practice.

“CAPTCHA” on the other hand you may be more familiar with. It is the contrived acronym (read about acronyms) for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” It is a process that is intended to protect websites from spambots that might attempt to access restricted zones within the site.

This CAPTCHA image above suggests some bad potty-mouth expression and is rather funny.

The makers of CAPTCHA now recommend “reCAPTCHA” as the official implementation. This involves two (or more) scrambled words, thus is of a higher security assurance that a human has read/rendered the code correctly and not an optical reader which could as of yet, not complete this task.

No Bills, Please

Post No Bills grafittii that show the image of Bill Gates, Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton

Image Source

That is Bill Gates on the top-left, Bill Cosby on the top-right and of course, Bill Clinton on the bottom.

Oh Really? They Can ‘Bill Me!’

sign advising not to touch the electric wires as it causes death, and ther eis a $200.00 fine if you do

Image Source

Funerals are expensive, so what’s another $200.00 more-or-less? So yeah, -send me the bill.

Expensive to Eat Out?

restaurant food sign with price shown, lacking the decimal point makes the price seem like $1399 instead of $13.99

Image Source

Germaine, but there really should be a decimal point in there somewhere.

Anything Greater than 4-cyl. Goes in the Lake

street sign that suggest bikes go left, cars go right but that goes into the river

Image Source

That’ll keep our highways clean.

Cat: Dead or Alive. Maybe

poster about Erwin Schrodinger's cat

Image Source

“Schrödinger’s cat” is a thought experiment. A paradox. In quantum mechanics this thought experiment describes a cat in a sealed box with a vial of deadly poison and a Geiger counter. The experiment describes a condition of a random event which occurs in which causes the vial of poison to shatter and this kills the cat, or not. It depends upon the earlier random event. A state can exist whereby the cat is both dead and alive simultaneously within the sealed box, yet if we open the box, the conditions are of either dead OR alive.’ This type of paradox is also referred to as ‘entanglement’ in quantum physics, but I think Mr. Schrödinger got into those stoned wheat crackers mentioned earlier.

Movie Parody: Demotivation Posters

Movie parody image

Image Source

You know, I have not seen “Brokeback Mountain.” For as much as I enjoyed Heath Ledger’s final performance as ‘Joker’ in Batman: The Dark Knight, I really do feel that I should check out this movie too.

They Killed Kenny! military demotivational posters

Kenny, from

Image Source

Poor Kenny… he dies in every episode of the Comedy Central hit series “South Park.” And then we sent him to Iraq. We’re bastards!

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That was great. Thanks for the smile! :-)

These are hilarious.