How to Make Your Own Home Fragrance Oils
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How to Make Your Own Home Fragrance Oils

Making your own homemade fragrance oils can be one of the most cost effective solutions, compared to the ones that can be bought at your regular retail stores. The oils do require quite a bit of time and attention to getting them made just right.
There are many different ways that one can make their own fragrance oils, but here you are going to learn them the easiest way to make your own. The method of steeping the oil in the scent you are wanting to make is the easiest, and it should be done over a certain period of time. This certain method, may be more commonly known as effleurage than steeping. During this process, you will be heating the oil to help speed up the developing  fragrance. You can make just about any kind of scented oil you want including orange, citrus fragrances, or fragrances scented from flowers, herbs and even spices.

First, start off with six thin strips that have been peeled from an orange. The peelings will need to go into a clear glass jar.

You will then need to measure and pour 8 ounces (1 cup) of safflower oil into the jar with peels. Take a lid and seal it as tight as possible. Place the jar into the sunniest windowsill in your house for at least 48 hours. You are going to have make sure that you take the time to shake the jar every 12 hours to combine everything completely.

After the 48 hours, take the jar and open it up. Strain the contents of the jar into something called muslin, and allow it to drip into a bowl. Take the muslin and squeeze as much as you can to extract as much of the oil into the bowl. You will then need to discard any of the materials that were left over after the straining is done.

In a jar, add six more thinly peeled fresh orange peels and pour the oil that is in the bowl back into the jar. Again, allow the jar to sit in the sunniest windowsill for another 48 hours and make sure to shake it every 12 hours.

You will need to repeat the steps until the fragrance has reached the desired intensity of smell you are looking for. Once done, you can pour the oil into a dark container and store what is not being used for up to 12 months.

This process can be done using many different fragrances for your home. Try experimenting with many different scents until you get it just right. Making your own home fragrance oils a cost effective solution for those who love to keep our homes smelling fresh and clean. 

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Comments (2)

Very interesting. I know someone who makes her own.

Ranked #27 in Arts & Crafts

Can the finished product be used in candle and soap making?