How to Make Sidewalk Chalk
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How to Make Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is great for drawing pictures, hopscotch and other games on driveways and sidewalks.

Sidewalk chalk is great for drawing pictures, hopscotch and other games on driveways and sidewalks. It makes a great spring gift for children, and is a popular Easter gift. Sidewalk chalk can be bought in many department and dollar type stores, but for those who prefer to make thing themselves instead of buying them, it can be easily be made at home. It is also makes a great craft for a parent and child to share in on a rainy afternoon.

To make sidewalk chalk you will need:

4-5 eggshells (use 4 eggs if you are using large/extra large eggs, or 5 eggs if you are using small/medium sized eggs)

1 teaspoon of flour

1 teaspoon of hot tap water (as hot as possible from the tap)

Food coloring (whatever color you want)

- This is enough to make one piece of chalk so increase the recipe amounts appropriately if you would like to make more

Prepare the eggshells

Thoroughly wash and dry your eggs shells. (Don’t waste the eggs, set them aside to make yourself up an omelette or something after!) Once the eggshells are completely dry, put them into a bowl and grind them into a fine powder. A mortar and pestle works great for this, but is you do not have one you can grind them down using the back of a spoon, the bottom of a cup or something similar, or you could use a rolling pin. Be sure that the shells are completely ground into a powder; there should be no large pieces of shell left.

Mix the ingredients

In a separate bowl mix the flour with the very hot tap water, and then add 1 tablespoon of the eggshell powder. Mix thoroughly until it makes a paste. Add a drop or two of whatever color of food coloring you would like. (if you would like white chalk, do not add any food coloring)

Form the Chalk

Once you have your paste made, press the mixture together firmly and shape into a chalk stick shape. Do not make it too skinny or it will break too easily. Once your chalk stick is made, roll it tightly in a paper towel and allow it to dry for three days or until it is completely dry and hard. Once it is dry carefully unwrap the paper towel and voila! You have sidewalk chalk!

- This sidewalk chalk is completely non-toxic and easily washes off pavement with a good hosing or rain.


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Comments (3)

Tip - You can easily grind eggshells into a powder using a coffee grinder.

Ranked #3 in Arts & Crafts

Sounds great, I'd never heard of this. The actual making of the chalk is a good activity to do with kids.