How to Make a Tissue Turkey for Holiday Decoration
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How to Make a Tissue Turkey for Holiday Decoration

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in terms of craft making for kids and opportunities to make decorations. This is not only a great creative outlet to help build motor skills and appreciation for art, but it is also a great way to decorate your home without expending a lot of money or resources.

The start of making a great tissue turkey is to start with a base. Use thick construction paper or card stock, in about a one foot by one foot square. Have your child trace their hand, or help them do is if it proved to be too difficult. Make sure you trace a thick enough line that you can cut. Cut out along the pattern until you have your hand base. This will be the basic outline of the turkey. The thumb will serve as the turkey’s head.

You can make one single turkey, or use both hands to make a pair of turkey friends. You can draw a little excess from the thumb to serve as the turkey’s neck. Tissue turkeys make great gifts as well. If you have a holiday gathering you may consider making a turkey unique for each guest to take home after they leave the occasion. It is a fun and simple craft to make.

Next step is to gather tissue paper, or wrapping paper if you have some leftover or excess. You should try and get at least three different colors for contrast while creating your turkey. Use the Tissue to glue to each finger tracing. Color the base of the turkey brown. Now you can fill in more tissue paper, or use a marker to color in the rest of the turkey and outline the entire thing in black.

You can also make two turkeys and stack them. Once they are stacked you can sew them together and stuff them, for three dimensional turkeys. Then you can take the tissue paper through hole punches. This will be turkeys with streamers running through that can be hung up as colorful Thanksgiving decorations. You can use brown construction paper also if you do not want to have to color the entire base color of the turkey. These projects are fun filled activities that you will want to treasure for many years to come. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holidays also, have a great winter season.

After you are done you can personalize each turkey. Consider making faces or colors absed on the people you know. This is a great way to customize the craft and make it a special treat. Try this out today. You can also use glitter and glue to add a shimmer to your tissue turkey. Have your kids help with this craft they will love it.

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