How to Make a Rag Rug
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How to Make a Rag Rug

Are you searching for a way to make a rag rug? With these easy instructions you will learn how to make a rag rug that will be beautiful in your home or office.

Step One Since both the texture of the rug and its thickness will dictate the amount of use it can withstand you have to decide what type of scrap material you want. You can choose your colors to enhance or contrast with your décor using scraps you might happen to have or from your local crafts or fabric shop.

Step Two Since you are going for a uniform look you need to cut or tear your strips in a two to three inch strip. If using a thin material it needs to be torn wider and a fabric that is thick needs to be torn thinner.

Step Three You have two ways you can sew your material strips together. One way is to sew your fabric pieces together before you actually begin to braid them. This is quick but might result with tangled fabric. The second way is to sew as you go. Begin by placing the fabric strips at a right angle and then you sew the pieces at a diagonal which turns into a square. Cut off any extra material to cut down the bulk which makes the seams stronger.

Step Four Depending on your rug shape which maybe an oval or a rectangle. For the rectangle you will actually braid the long pieces together until you have the length you want. Next cut and tie them before you start your next length. For the oval you simply keep braiding the pieces until the length is as long as you need to make that rug shape.

Step Five Next you will need something that is steady to work from. This might be a newel post or closed door knob. Attach the long strands and braid them into a three stranded braid. You can use as many pieces that you want but more pieces make it harder to braid. When complete cut any excess at the post and tie off the ends.

Step Six Depending on which shape you choose for you rug you will want to lace or sew the sections of braid. For the rectangular shape you should sew your sections as you go to keep the braid lengths the same or close to the same. Use a thick thread designed for rag rugs or even string for this sewing or lacing which is available at craft or fabric shops.

Step Seven For the rectangle shape you will continue to sew the braided pieces on a diagonal until you reach the end. Turn the rag rug each time as you reach the end and sew back up to the other end. This is done like you are lacing shoelaces on each fabric strip. For an oval sew in a circle so each piece makes a larger rug.

Step Eight When finished sewing cut the row ends so they are even then tack to hold; on the oval shape tuck within the rug and tack. If you followed the steps you should have a welcoming strong rag rug.

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An easy to follow instructions!