How to Make a Beautiful Flower Girl Basket
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How to Make a Beautiful Flower Girl Basket

Save money and make your own flower girl basket

In this article you will learn how to make this dainty flower girl basket. Flower Girl baskets in general should be small since a child or toddler will be carrying it. Keep this in mind when choosing your basket, it is the same rule that applies to the bride's bouquet.(Small Bride...small bouquet; large Bride...large bouquet.

Things You'll Need:


Satin Material

Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Lace trim

1 inch Ribbon

1/8 inch Ribbon

A string of small pearls

Tiny Rosebuds

Rose Petals

Step 1.Choose a basket, the one shown in the picture is one that I found at a thrift store for almost nothing. I spray painted it white and it looked brand new;

Step 2. Measure your basket, you will need enough material to line the inside of your basket.Purchase enough satin material to line your basket.

Once you have established the size you need cut out the material...allow enough material to fold under around the edges of the basket. Turn the material right side up and line the basket, carefully turning the ends under and securing them around the top edges of the basket with a hot glue gun. Allowing glue to dry.

Step 3. Using a hot glue gun add your lace trim around the top of the basket. the lace trim should almost cover the basket so the larger the basket the wider your lace trim should be.

Step 4. Next wrap the handle with 1 inch ribbon, secure the ribbon with hot glue when you begin and end wrapping the handle. Wrap a string of tiny white beads around the handle, again securing then with hot glue at the beginning of your wrapping and at the end.

Step 5. Using a glue gun attach the tiny rose buds around the top edges of the basket. Make a small tulle bow and hot glue it to the front of the basket. Make another bow with the 1/8 inch ribbon and attach to the tulle bow with a glue gun. Add a tiny rose bud to the center of the bow.

Now you are ready to add your rose petals!!

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