How to Build a Huge White Board for Under $20
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How to Build a Huge White Board for Under $20

Build a white board for under $20. Great for students, small businesses, research groups.

Large wall size white boards can cost up to $500. Here is how to you can build your own dry-erase white board for less than $20. Save paper and visualize your ideas on a giant wall size white board. This is great for students to do homework, practice problems, outlines, and other visuailizations. Ideal for businesses to model flowcharts, lists, etc. Put it in your conference room to spur creativity and brainstorming. You will be using a large sheet of melamine, easily found for quite cheap at your local home improvement store. Melamine is a plastic resin that is used in many countertops, dry erase boards, etc. Let's get started.

1. Choose a wall for your white board. You will need about 8' X 4' of space, though you can customize the size of your white board to suit your purposes. Make sure it is a wall that you can screw in to, or apply adhesive to. 2. Materials.

  • 1 8' X 4' sheet of melamine, otherwise known as shower board. $10-$15 at Home Depot or Lowe's
  • Drywall or construction screws(4-8) $2
  • Construction Adhesive (if screws are not an option)
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Dry Erase Eraser/Board Cleaner
  • A friend

3. Determine the placement of your white board. You want to be able to use all 32 square feet of your white board, so make sure its not too high, or too low. Make sure there wont be any large furniture in the way, or that any open doors will cover the board. Once you know where the board is going to go, draw a line on the wall, that is level with the bottom edge of where the white board will be. This will help you line up the board when you are ready to mount it on the wall.

4. Mounting the dry erase board. With a friend or helper, hold the board on the wall, with the bottom edge lining up with the pencil line you drew earlier. You will find it quite easy to screw through the board and into the wall. Make sure to place screws at each of the four corners, about an inch from the edging. Placing screws any closer to the edge can result in cracking of the board. You can locate the wall studs on a drywall wall and use only four screws (one at each corner). Though using 8 screws in just drywall or sheetrock is enough to mount the board securely and safely.

5. Complete. You now have your very own wall size dry erase white board. You will find that the melamine will retain a very faint ghost of the dry erase marker. It is recommended to use dry erase cleaner, erasers, or simply water and soap to clean the whiteboard. Some find the screws unsightly, so you have the option to add 1" X 2" trim to the edge of the board, this will give the white board a more finished look as well as a ledge to keep the dry erase markers on. Please note that this style of white board is not magnetic.

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