Eggcellent Art
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Eggcellent Art

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When you hear the word egg, what comes to your mind? My favorite breakfast would come to mind which is egg with tomatoes, scrambled eggs, sunny side up and of course the hard boiled egg. It is my favorite food to eat during breakfast. Eggs are produced by fowls like birds and hens. The most common are the eggs from the hen. The biggest egg is produced by the ostrich and probably the smallest are produce by the quails.

Aside from breakfast, eggs are also used with other kinds of foods like cakes and breads and even in some other dishes. In Easter, it is also used for egg hunting where they boil the egg and then paints it with different designs. They would also hide it and others would go hunt for it which is especially fun for the kids. The shell of the egg is also very delicate that it can crack very easily if not handled very gently. Here in the Philippines, some of the egg shells are used in the plants. But for others egg shells, it means art. Making a unique art out of egg shells requires a lot of patience and focus, a lot of patience and a lot of creativity but the outcome can be amazing.

There are many ways you can create an art out of egg shells. Paint them using poster or water colors and those in advance levels, they use tiny drills. They are tiny drills that can handle the delicate shell of the egg. One wrong move for this drill can easily break and ruin it that you will need to start again. Franc Grom is a Slovenian master of art who has mastered using these tiny drills in creating this wonderful art using egg shells.

Grom has drilled about 2,500 to 3, 500 holes in one egg shell. He has also been selling some of his creations. He was able to create about 17,000 designs already and still going more. His designs are quiet unique and different from the usual egg design that I saw.

The egg designing has started as early as the 13th century but as with new technology, new techniques also come. Most of Grom’s designs are inspired by the traditional Slovenian designs.

Here are also other ways of designing eggs is by using wax and different colors. These are Romanian egg designs.

And these are the Ukrainian egg designs

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Wonderful artwork photos and information, a truly Egg-ceptional article!