Create A Quick And Easy Earring Tree
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Create A Quick And Easy Earring Tree

Need a quick gift idea for a little girl, why not make her a place to display her favorite earrings.

Don't have time to go shopping? Need a gift idea for a little girl? Does she have pierced ears? Why not make her a special earring tree.

This quick and easy project takes very little time to create and you can add a fun pair of earrings on your gift to make even a little more special.

There are a couple of ways to make this earring tree both are similar however the basic material will change, it just depends on what you might have on hand in your home to use.

First Method:

You need:

1 sheet of plastic canvas (colored if you like), 1 spool of wide ribbon, hot glue gun or heavy craft glue, scissors, clothes pins or paperclips, newspaper

1) Lay out newspaper on your work surface, this will protect it from getting glue all over it.

2) Begin to unroll the ribbon, it is best to do this in 6 inch to 12 inch sections. Apply glue to the underside of the ribbon. Be sure to apply glue every few inches so that the ribbon holds in place.

3) Begin at one corner and fold the ribbon around the edge of the plastic canvas.

4) Apply clothes pins or paperclips every few inches to hold the ribbon in place until the glue dries.

5) When you get to the opposite corner, simply cut the ribbon close to the edge of the plastic.

6) Begin to apply glue once again. Simply fold over the previous end of the ribbon, apply a paperclip to hold the ribbon in place. Apply glue and continue to the next corner, cutting the ribbon once again. Continue until all for sides are covered.

7) Create a loop out of extra ribbon to create a way to hang the earring tree. You can tread through one of the holes in the middle of the plastic canvas at the top then simply knot off the ribbon.

8) Place a pair of earrings some where on the canvas to display the first pair.

You can also use window screen to create this earring tree.

This is great for a younger girl. It is rugged and can take a little destruction.

Second Method

You need:

11x13 picture frame (can be found at a thrift store for under a dollar), window screen, hot glue or heavy craft clue, acrylic craft paint, scissors, paint brush or sponge brush. Don't forget the newspaper.

1) Prepare your work area.

2) Prepare the frame. Remove the glass (can be used for another projects).

3) Paint the picture frame a fun color.

4) Measure out the window screen to fit inside the frame.

5) Using either heavy craft glue or a hot glue gun, glue the window screen material inside the frame.

6) You can add small touches with buttons or other findings to jazz up the frame.

This project can also be created using plastic canvas as the insert. Once done, you can add a pair of earrings to show off this great earring tree.

To save on wrapping this fun gift, reach for the funny pages in your Sunday paper. The paper is colorful and fun for everyone.

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