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Promote your stories, independent films, music, or whatever piece of creative work you have on Create 'n Show. Create 'n Show can be found on The idea of is to help those who have created something creative, and need to shout it out to the world, but are usually accused of spamming when they do tell people about their creations. On Create 'n Show, you can do it unencumbered and get a lot of exposure.
Published by Inforead 50 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments is an ecommerce website selling unique handmade products. Being choosy about the designers they partner with, BelleChic affiliate themselves with the best designers thus making their handmade goods stand out among other handmade sellers. Their handmade products include jewelry, hand bags, embroidered table mats and other interesting gift items.  Further information about their products is available on their website.
Published by Latoya Lawrence 55 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Art from Steel  was founded as a business in 2005 after Martin Pavio, its founder, had negotiated an exclusive partnership with the company workshop to provide statues to clients overseas.  It has the largest portfolio of hand-made recycled statues in the world and loves to build new designs. Its product portfolio categories are the following: Alien, Animals, Big, Furnitures, Misc, Music, Predators, Sports, Star Wars, Superheroes, Transformers, TV&Movies and Vehicles.
Published by Edieza Patriarca 57 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Money is tight for a lot of people this year, so it makes sense to make homemade gifts. Homemade gifts often use up things you already have in your home and don't cost a lot of money. Nobody ever seems cheap however when they give homemade gifts because the receiver knows that the give took the time to craft something especially for them. Here are some wonderful and not so difficult to make.
Published by Rae Morvay 59 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +3 votes | 0 comments
Considered to be UK’s biggest dealer of quality art materials online, Great Art delivers to its commitment of providing optimum art equipment. The company markets its product throughout Europe and monthly sends out 55,000 packages to 500,000 customers. Packaging and Pick up are continuous being equipped with modern processing procedure with connections from France and UK. The company credits its success to the ample knowledge of its administrator and employees on the industry that they cat...
Published by Latoya Lawrence 60 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Children have been enjoying Crayola products for generations. The CrayolaStore offers everything Crayola. The CrayolaStore offers all of Crayola's great art supplies and art kits, and other Crayola products that helps to fuel a child's imagination. The CrayolaStore sells: New Products Award Winners Infant and Toddler Color Wonder Color Explosion Outdoor Products Pop-Art Pixies Toys and Gifts Scrapbooking/Crafts Activity Time Draw and Color School Supplies Clay...
Published by Patricia Cartwright 60 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Candle Bay offers filled candles, jarred candles, candle tins, taper candles, candle spheres, candle votives, tea-light candles and cups, pillar candles, soy candles, holiday themed candles and candle products, ethnic themed candles, kitchen candles, wedding favor candles and wedding party favor candles, outdoor and garden candles, reed diffusers, reed diffusers oils and vial containers, candle holders, candle lamps, floater bowls for candles, incense, bath and body aromatherapy products, hair c...
Published by Amy Russell 60 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +2 votes | 0 comments
Throught the history of beauty and its adjuncts, the stress for a woman has always been the face. Thus lips, eyes and eyebrows have taken prominence. The hands were comparatively a neglected field. Things have changed and an Italian artist Guido Daniel has revolutionised a new concept. He has painted the hands in way that you cannot reognize they are hands. Guido started off by painting the hands to represnt wildlife
Published by Madan G Singh 61 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +1 votes | 2 comments
Delphi Glass has art glass supplies in retail and wholesale quantities and is the leader in education in all the techniques related to glass art Their glass art classes are fun and can teach you everything you want to know about expressing yourself with flame working and fusing through workshops They have products in the following categories: Flame working supplies Gifts Dichroic glass Jewelry supplies Display and findings Glass tools Mosaic supplies Stained glass equipment
Published by Sharifa Sanderson 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Hancock Fabrics has everything clothing designers need to make their ideas a reality Whether you are a professional designer who has spent many years in the industry or a budding garment designer, they have the tools and fabrics that will help you to be successful in your operations They have merchandise in the following categories: Fashion apparel fabrics Home décor fabrics Notions Accessories Sewing machines
Published by Sharifa Sanderson 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Why buy a seasonal Christmas/Holiday wreath when you can easily make and decorate your own? By pulling a few foxgrape vines out of trees and bushes you can create your own Holiday/Yule/Christmas wreath and decorate it yourself. Now is the time to source your materials and get started. This easy and fun craft can also be used to make wreaths to sell at trade shows or online through DIY/homemade shops like or eBay.
Published by thestickman 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +12 votes | 3 comments
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store is nation's one of the best largest specialty retailer of fabrics and crafts as it offers thousand of products for creative enthusiast. Jo-Ann retail store features a variety of competitively priced merchandise used in sewing, crafting, and home decorating projects which includes fabrics, notions, crafts, frames, paper crafting material, artificial floral, home accents, and home decor merchandise. mission is to spark the creativity that live...
Published by Jenifer Williams 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +1 votes | 0 comments
An arrowhead is a sharpened stone attached to a stick by either tying with cord, by natural adhesives or a combination of both and is used as either a weapon for hunting, defense or some other use such as for digging. Making an arrowhead, spear point or stone ax head for any comparable 'flint tool' in survival training can be done using local rocks, but what rocks work best?
Published by thestickman 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +4 votes | 4 comments
Stuff 4 is an internet retailer website that sells scrap-booking hobbyists all the accessories they need to make fun, original, and exciting scrap-booking projects.  Stuff 4 sells merchandise to customers worldwide.  They offer a newsletter for scrap-booking enthusiasts, personalized items, and a deal of the day to provide you with savings on a daily basis.  Stuff 4 sells scrap-booking albums, scrap-booking paper, scrap-booking stickers, scrap-booking tools, embellishments, cuttin...
Published by Amy Russell 62 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +5 votes | 0 comments
BeadRoom is a store that specializes in selling beads for different crafting ideas. They offer many different styles and colors of beads. They also offer clasps and strands. Currently they have new beads for the summer with new summer colors. They not only offer solid color beads, but also beads with patterns.
Published by jennifer morin 63 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +2 votes | 0 comments