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Cross-Stitching is an addictive craft which uses fabric called Aida, linen or evenweave. It looks simple but there are some tricks and tips for better Cross-Stitch which one learns from magazines or from one’s own mistakes. It is also a very relaxing hobby which in the stressful days of our present way of life is important to help us wind down.
Published by Loredana Galea 84 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +3 votes | 3 comments
Great Art is the trading name of Gerstaecker UK Ltd.When Great Art was founded in 2002 their first customers were therapists who used art as a form of therapy for disabled people. Now it has grown to become the UK's largest supplier of art materials to artists from all walks of life whatever their age or ability.Their customers come from throughout Europe and Great Art has the ability to find and supply the best art materials available. They carry more than 45,000 art supplies in their 20,000 ...
Published by Amanda Wilkins 84 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +3 votes | 0 comments
Bead Room is an Aladdin's Cave of color and light.Started by a mother and daughter who ran it in partnership until her mother retired their curated selection of glass beads represent over 20 years of searching for the most radiant glass beads and finest lampwork and seed beans around.They only sell the best quality and they ship them all over the world.Free shipping within the USA is offered on orders over $50 and they also give free International shipping on orders over $100. Their range ...
Published by Amanda Wilkins 84 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +7 votes | 2 comments
There are those who believe an ‘artist’ is someone who paints, draws, or sculpts. My fellow artists and crafters would probably agree however, that a true artist is anyone who uses creativity to reflect his or her personality, regardless of the method. Stuff4 is a website dedicated to providing all types of artists with the tools they need to create their masterpieces. You will find many products to suit your arts and crafts needs on the Stuff4 website. Following is an example of wh...
Published by B. Collett 84 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +5 votes | 3 comments
The distinction between “art and craft” and “craft and crafts” is often blurred and not well understood by the layperson and sometimes even artists. Why do we care? If you are a potter or a ceramist do you care if someone says that you do crafts? Is there a difference between a crafter and a craftsman, an artist and an artisan? Is there a difference between Art, Craft, and Arts and Crafts?
Published by Judith Barton 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +9 votes | 3 comments
What is Candle Bay? Candlebay Co, the parent company of Candle Bay, was incorporated in Santa Ana, California, in 2004. They are principally a manufacturer of candles. Candlebay Co have ten employees and an annual revenue of $600,000. Customers may order products from their website:  Unique Candles Unity Candles Candles Tealight Candles Salt City Candles Filled candles Floaters Jars and tins Tapers and spheres Votives Pillars Celebrations Christmas candles Kitchen Outdoor/...
Published by Kimberly Martin 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +1 votes | 0 comments
You can paint a plastic pot to look like a clay pot with acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are a lot of fun. They come in bright colors, mix really well, and are easy to clean up. To mix that terra-cotta color of a clay pot, you’ll need orange, red, brown, and beige paints. This is a project you can do if you have cheap plastic pots that you want to dress up.
Published by Kathleen Murphy 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +18 votes | 20 comments
Here are a few tips for turning ho-hum picture frames into works of art! You can find inexpensive picture frames at Thrifts stores and yard sales to use as your foundation. With some paint, glue, miscellaneous materials, and imagination you can turn plain photo frames into beautiful works of art.
Published by Sara Writes 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +7 votes | 3 comments
Published by Review Summaries 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
Nowadays, a lot of people are wearing Silicone bracelets for so many reasons. In fact, these kind of bracelets that are made from silicone are the most trendy and fashionable thing that anyone is very proud to wear and show off. These bracelets are comfortable to wear and really sturdy.
Published by Tiffany Shayne Villegas 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +3 votes | 1 comments
The most amazing things you have seen ever I think...In this, A few designer items in the collection were a good blog, which is a designer Oleg Mikhailenko. On its Web site - , Oleg makes selection of creative things. Currently have 75 articles, which is not much, not enough - 750 unusual and interesting items.
Published by angel cool 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +3 votes | 2 comments
Make your own wicks for the candles you make. There are several different methods and none of them are hard. It's inexpensive and gratifying to know that you can make your own candles from the wick to the finish! Using cotton thread, string or yarn, you can make wicking that won't burn up before the candle does.
Published by Pat Veretto 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +2 votes | 1 comments
There are lots of amazing things that are made of wooden material...We all use wooden material in our house and offices...And I am telling you some amazing things made of wood.We have mobiles,bikes,jewelleries and ipad...So these looks so good and we should use them as it is also eco-friendly.Look at the article...
Published by angel cool 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +0 votes | 0 comments
When your black cotton fabric fades what can you do to salvage it. Rit Dye is one of the easiest ways to salvage your favorite black items of clothing and save money on buying new items. If you are frugal this is just the tip for you and it also works on other colors as well. So don't throw that favorite piece of clothing away.
Published by Jaz 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +5 votes | 6 comments
Quilting has long been a tradition in our country. Today, it's more of a hobby than it is a necessity and many people are quilting. If you'd like to learn how to quilt or if you'd like a few suggestions on improving your quilting skills, this article is for you. As a quilter, most of my learning has come from these suggestions and I'm involved in all of them.
Published by Sandy James 85 months ago in Arts & Crafts | +18 votes | 9 comments
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