A Good Way to Promote Your Creative Writing, Articles, Photos, Music, Videos & Indie Films?
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A Good Way to Promote Your Creative Writing, Articles, Photos, Music, Videos & Indie Films?

Promote your stories, independent films, music, or whatever piece of creative work you have on Create 'n Show. Create 'n Show can be found on createnshow.com. The idea of createnshow.com is to help those who have created something creative, and need to shout it out to the world, but are usually accused of spamming when they do tell people about their creations. On Create 'n Show, you can do it unencumbered and get a lot of exposure.
Have you ever searched online for how to promote your creative writing, articles, photos, blogs, movies, videos, and whatnot?

Yep, haven't we all. You really, really, really want an advantage in getting the attention of the internet surfers of the world.

And yes, haven't we all tried joining forums or leaving comments on blogs, with comments that contain backlinks to our own sites or articles?

And then most of the time, those got deleted, and your posts on forums too, because people call it "spamming".

Hey, what's the big deal you ask? How are people supposed to know about your wonderful contributions to the world wide web, if you are not supposed to mention it?

Internet marketing of creative and arty contributions can really be a problem huh.

Fortunately, it seems somebody thought about helping folks like you and me who would like to promote our craft.

It's a new start-up website I stumbled into. It's a forum where you are actually SUPPOSED to post about your creative creations.

It's called "Create 'n Show", or createnshow.com.

Createnshow.com is a new startup in forum form where you can post about your newest creation, whether that creation be a story, an article, a photo shoot, an independent film on youtube, or some other form of creative creation.

How you can promote your stories for example, is to post a chapter with a link on where people can continue reading the rest.

Or you could post a few free poems and add your own website's link in your signature, where people can have more of the same.

You could post half a long article, and then add a link where people can continue reading if they are interested in the subject.

For video and film making folks, they can post a trailer or a video and tell people all about their project, and where people can download the complete film for sale or something along those lines.

I like the idea of this site. I really do. God knows how long I've been wanting to freely promote myself and my work to others on the internet.

However, this site will only really work once many, many people have joined, so that you actually get a lot of eyes on your content that you post there.

So at the moment you have two choices: Either DON'T join because the exposure is still too small, or join and be one of the first to start posting your pieces and backlinks and promote yourself.

I think I'll choose the latter and promote my articles and photos there.

And I hope to write a very good review about this site in the near future.

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